coming home

Right now Missy (my dog who I often believe is an actual person disguised as a pooch) is searching for popcorn crumbs beneath my chair.  As I look down at her little wet nose sniffing wildly, I see that the floor really should be swept and now that I think about it the tables dusted too, but I don’t really mind.  It’s the beginning of the weekend and I am simply glad to be at home.  Home has always been my favorite place.  I feel very fortunate that home always felt safe for me, I know not everyone has had that privilege.  Home is a place of absolute survival for small chlildren, no child can grow up healthy and safe without it.  They need parents to supply a roof over their heads, fix a plate of food and wipe their mouths when they’re done.  In my own life it is still a place where I can go just to be.  Now as a wife, co-owner and maintainer of my very own home it is so much more.

I am admittedly a little obsessed about all things natural and healthy.  Living with a man who adores pizza, you can imagine  the challenges we face when I proudly show him the gorgeous head of kale I bought from a local market, and I know that look on his face says he has no idea what kale is!  I’ve come to accept it; we give and take.  Sometimes he eats (and enjoys them I might add) my experimental healthy dishes, and sometimes we stick a pizza in the oven and call it a day.

Recently I’ve left the traditional working world and have gone back to school studying American Sign Language.  This was a big step of faith for us.  But such a blessing.  We’re looking ahead to our future in hopes of bigger and better things.  But right now here we are, and in no way wanting to hurry our days.  In attempts to save money I’ve become passionate about what it means to live simply.  Right now to me, this means going without a few of the things that we consume most often (and that we don’t really really need) for instance paper towels, and a lot of prepackaged convenience items and foods.  Instead I’m making a lot of things myself, and learning what it means to be more connected to what I do and consume.  And I’m having a lot of fun doing it!

Here in this space I want to offer my journey, tips and inspiration to do the same in your home, invite you to come alongside me and hope we can all inspire each other.  Without a doubt I have been inspired by other creative women; bloggers, book authors, small business women, crafters, all trying to show some love by living creatively, abundantly, one gentle choice at a time.  And that is what the gentle home is all about.

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