family name pillow

I have never thought of myself as a crafter.  I always thought my extremely talented artsy sisters got the largest doses of creative genes in the family.  My

older sister was known for her drawings and beautiful nursery murals, and my other sister for her out-of-the-box acrylic on canvas art.  I have no doubt that one day I will see her art hanging in a gallery somewhere.

While my painting and drawing skills did not quite match that of my sisters, I always loved to sew.  When I was younger I could see in the artwork of fabric what they could see on a blank canvas.  At last in my early teens I was given a sewing machine, and my relationship with the needle and thread was born.

spools given to me by my mother

My tastes have changed dramatically over the years.  When I first learned what a bobbin was, I dreamed of becoming a cutting edge fashion designer, but later found more joy in creating simple useful things for other people and my home.  I discovered this recently when I brought out my sewing machine from a dusty shelf in my closet, for what reason I hid it there, now I do not know.  But as I set it in the light and gently tested all its moving parts a small flame reignited in me, and whatever was once lost in my creative spirit was now found.

Now as I fan this flame I want to share with you my sewing projects and the joy that it brings.  Its my hope that the simplicity of a single needle and thread working together inspires you to create a simpler life.

What you'll need: basic sewing notions

Organic cotton stuffing- the softest thing I've ever felt

For this pillow I used scraps of fabric from material and clothes to build the shape of the first letter of our last name.  I sewed them (using a zig-zag stitch) onto a plain piece of off-white material which used to be a skirt.  I then took another piece of the same fabric and sewed them, right sides together, leaving a good 6″ of opening so I could stuff the pillow.  Flip it right side out making sure the corners get turned and then stuff.  I used organic cotton stuffing ( and now will never go back to that poly fill stuff.  It was the softest thing I have ever touched and makes for a very cushy pillow.  Sew up the hole any way you like- I don’t bother with trying to make the closure looking perfect, a little raw edge, or a line that’s not quite straight gives it plenty of character.

Finished project:

Just right for an armchair

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