I have not blogged in a while.  Change has been brewing around our house and I haven’t had a complete thought to put down and write.  But what I have been thinking about lately is the upcoming change in seasons.  It is now September.  The month in which the official day of Autumn begins.  Words cannot describe the love I have for the Fall and Winter seasons.  Something in me just comes alive, and while I generally can’t stand cold weather, this year I am looking forward to it.  It’s just a time when everything becomes cozy and soft.  Things become a little quieter (or a little more hectic depending on how your holiday season goes).  There is nothing I love more about the seasons than celebrating the holidays, and I love each one, from Halloween to Valentine’s Day.  I was born in December which makes Christmas extra special for me.  I was supposed to be born in January, but I tease my mom and say that I heard everything that was going on and simply did not want to miss this most magical of holidays, so I showed up just in time for my favorite holiday!

This year I am anticipating more than just presents and apple cider, but more healthy pregnancy reports and all the joy that new life brings.  But on my list of to do’s for the holiday celebrations and joys of the new season are some new sewing projects.  One is that I need to create a table runner for our dining room table.  Our dining room is quite empty and needs some burst of color and personality.  I thought a simple, reversible table runner would definitely help.  Making it myself affords me the opportunity to create it with just the right patterns and colors for the seasons.  Another sewing project at the top of my list is for my favorite holiday- Christmas stockings.  I bought these very generic red and green ons for my husband and me a couple years ago and I am longing for something more homespun and custom made to fit each of our personalities.  We had handmade stockings made for me and my sisters when we were younger and each year they were a treasure to bring out and hang over the fireplace.  This year, with the stockings I’ll make I’m going to add a look to them that will make them feel much like true stockings or socks that families would hang out before commercial stockings took over.  I will definitely post about these creations once I make them!

When I was younger I would be sad that one season was ending, but now as I have so much more anticipation toward each new season knowing that it will bring with it new things, good things, memories, and changes.  We cannot avoid that.  Mostly though it will be nice not to have this 100 degree Texas heat!

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