waiting for spring

Waiting for Spring.  I am officially over the winter and everything that goes along with it.  The cold, the bare trees, the just-barely-green grass, even the crunchy leaves that I love so much.  I’m dreaming of sun dresses and baby slings, sunshine that actually feels warm and maybe even trips to the beach.  I’m dreaming of flowers, walks in the park and the wind against my baby’s face and mine.  I can just see him or her squinting in the sunlight wearing something tiny and being held close, taking in the brilliance of their new world.

37 weeks.  That is how far along I am.  Sometimes I am so proud of myself for even getting this far, like it is some amazing feat- and I guess it is!  Even though, I really haven’t been doing anything at all, just eating right, trying to exercise and take my supplements.  But this baby has been growing all on its own.  I feel like this baby is a real trooper, for all the times I was too sick to barely eat anything.  But somehow despite everything that could possibly come against a little baby, babies continue to grow!  It certainly is amazing!

Some days I feel like I just can’t wait one more minute to hold my baby, and some days I wonder if pregnancy will ever end, although I am feeling rather good for being 8 months along.  Of course I think about labor, and since there is no way for me to know what it will be like for me, I’m trying just to accept whatever happens, knowing that plenty of women have traveled that road before me, coming to the end whole, stronger, and happier.  I’m not going to assume any one thing, since some women have fast labors, some slow, some painful, others painless.  What I am remembering is that I am perfectly made and equipped to birth my baby.  My baby is perfect no matter what, even if it is smaller than other babies or maybe bigger.

We were designed for each other.  Perfectly, like pieces of a puzzle.  Pieces that were always made to work together and be joined together.  That is what I will remember while I am waiting for Spring.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jessica
    Feb 09, 2011 @ 22:31:47

    I’m right there with you itching for spring! 🙂 Praying you enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy as you prepare to finally meet your little one.


  2. sweetpomegranate
    Feb 10, 2011 @ 03:02:32

    You seem to have a great attitude about your coming labor! It’s also good to remain flexible and open-minded about the process itself. Often women want everything to go a certain way, and it’s definitely not something that usually goes according to plan — all 3 of my labors were very different. Good Luck to you! Enjoy these last few weeks and take time to rest and get your house in order.


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