the beginning of a garden

It’s not even morning yet and I’m thinking it’s a good time to write something.  Baby’s asleep, I’m up for the moment, and no pressing matter is calling for my attention.  Writing here has not been on my to-do list lately.  Giving your full attention to being the kind of wife and Mama you desire to be is something you often have to recommit yourself to, again and again.  That often means sacrificing little things here and there… things like updating your blog on a regular basis.  Nevertheless, here I am, glad to be writing.  

homemade lip balm, healing ointment and chest rub

Yesterday, my always crafty sister-in-law came over and showed me how to make natural beauty and healing products out of things like beeswax and pure essential oils.  She had given me some recipes and I thought it’d be fun for her to show me how to make things like lip balm, healing ointment for the skin, and a all natural chest rub that smells just like Vicks that you would rub on your chest.  (They turned out really good Mea!)  When I was pregnant I became interested in essential oils and their healing properties, and am grateful to begin learning how to have them benefit my family.

Another project I am so excited to be telling you about is the beginning of my vegetable garden.  You see, I have wanted a garden for a long time now, years maybe!  But my green thumb is not at all what I would like it to be.  My skills at gardening are pretty much nill, and my husband still teases me about how I killed the small tree in our front yard when he was out of the country for two weeks because I simply forgot to water it…  Oh, but I just love the idea of digging my fingers in the warm moist earth, noticing the little snail or green lizard that might find some shade under the plants, or seeing those first tiny sprouts come up so miraculously out of the ground.  Inspired by a friend’s beautiful spring bounty of fruit and vegetables, I asked her how she did it and she let me borrow her book on “square foot gardening.”  So, the space was picked out, cleaned up, the ground was leveled and the weed cloth is now set in place (oh am I sore already!) and before long I will be able to plant my seeds for a fall harvest.

my soon-to-be vegetable garden

With August comes more heat, but with the promise of fall just around the corner.  And with a new season comes change in all its forms.  Hopefully this new season just around the corner will bring a brand new harvest, new adventures and new memories.  

What are you hoping for this fall?

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Linda
    Aug 02, 2011 @ 21:50:34

    I am hoping for lots and lots of cold weather.


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