home sewn nursery

On certain days when I find the time between changing diapers, rocking, feeding, and keeping up with the house, I get to work on fun projects like these.  I really wanted something cute to hang in the nursery (her walls are still very bare) and wanted to make my own crib sheet.  I felt like crib sheets can be expensive and I wasn’t inspired by any of the store bought colors or patterns.  The name banner, similar to this banner, is very easy and even stenciling the name on each scallop was easier than I expected.  The crib sheet was a little trickier.  I didn’t end up with a perfect crib sheet (one side is a bit short, and I didn’t stretch out the elastic as much as I should have) but it still turned out looking beautiful.  Don’t you just love sewing?  You can mess up a little here and there and somehow it all still works!

a light yellow and sweet soft pink flowers make the perfect pattern for a baby girl's crib

For her name banner, I used some of the leftover fabric from her crib sheet.  I purchased 2 and a 1/4 yards of fabric and used 2 yards for the sheet and 1/4 for 2 pieces of her name.  I had more than enough fabric for both.  I also love re-purposing fabric.  The purple flowered pieces were from one panel of a curtain which I found at a thrift store for $10.  I have used it for many things and still have plenty leftover.  The pink pieces in the name were from an apron I got free from a thrift store.  

Here is my crafty tip for the day: Thrift stores sort through all the clothes they get as donations.  Anything that has holes, stains, looks really worn out or is out of fashion they put into bags and leave for a textile recycling company to come by and pick them up.  These companies usually pay them a very small fee to take their textiles and then they gt recycled into all kinds of things.  One time, I went to a store and asked if I could take a couple bags because I was working on a project where I was recycling pieces of clothing.  They were more than willing as they had so many bags they were getting rid of!  So that is where I have gotten some of my fabric for projects- for free!  I also found in one bag a perfectly good maternity sweater.  I kept it and wore it a lot throughout my pregnancy!  

The crib sheet pattern I used from the wonderful book, Home Sewn by Kaari Meng.  If you’ve always wanted to try, I encourage you to make your own linens and different things for your house.  You will certainly have a beautiful unique look for every room in your home!



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  1. Booksphotographsandartwork
    Aug 05, 2011 @ 22:42:54

    Oh how I wish I liked to sew but I hate it. Right now I want to make some new kitchen curtains as I hate the ones I bought a few months ago. I also want to sew some of those super expensive stuffed hands that you lay in the crib next to baby to make them feel sort of like you are still holding them. I know it would be easy but for some reason it seems like an uphill climb too me.


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