This Week At Home

I am finally coming to you again, dear readers, after an absent couple of weeks.  Three weeks ago we arrived back home from our trip to Walt Disney World and began to make the (not anticipated) transition back into our normal daily routine.  There was much to get done, but it didn’t help that the next weekend we came down with a mild virus.  That week we seemed to be doing better, but then little Marlee caught a virus and then well, so did I (again).  So we’ve had many a sleepless night here lately, and plenty of toddler runny noses to wipe, but it seems that we are finally all getting better.  So these last couple of weeks have been a little challenging, but here’s what we’ve been up to…

Decided to do some bulk cooking which proved to be extremely helpful on the days I was too tired or achy to make anything.  (Above picture) Bulgur wheat for breakfast mixed with applesauce, butter, honey, cinnamon and chopped nuts.  Warm.  Hearty.  Perfect.  Get the recipe here.

Chopped cooked chicken for my homemade chicken and cheese taquitos (for my hubby).  Mixed with diced tomatoes,  salt, pepper and oregano.  I bought chicken leg quarters (cheaper to buy chicken with the bone) boiled and shredded it first then used as filling for the tortillas.  I made eight, cooked them in a skillet then froze them in pairs of two.  Turned out great!  Next time I will make more and perhaps a vegan version as well.

I also made a big pot of soup. Oh how I love soup!

And some meatballs to eat and freeze.

My sister came back from her trip to New York and brought some souvenirs.  How fun!

I’m glad things are settling down and can’t wait to welcome October soon and with it the start of family holidays, birthdays and get togethers.  








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