Goodbye My Summer of Travels

Well, we made it back from the last of our Summer travels.  What a Summer it’s been!  These last few months we have been to Kentucky to visit family, my husband worked in Scotland for two months and I visited him there for one month, and we just got back from a fun filled week in Walt Disney World where we were even able to see our favorite Christian artists play for Night of Joy.  This Summer my faith has been tested and stretched, my patience tried, my fears faded, my joy filled, my God grew larger and my world grew smaller.  For someone who has never been excited about traveling, I would never have believed I could do all this!  But now that I am home, I certainly am very glad to be here!  I am now looking forward to settling into our routine again, not thinking about any traveling plans any time soon.  I’m excited to welcome the soon-to-be-here Fall weather, (which I can feel in the air is quickly approaching) and all that this season brings- hearth and home and memories to be made right here around the living room and dinner table.

Goodbye, my Summer travels!  I will never forget you!




Our Weekend at Huntsville State Park

This weekend we packed up and took a trip along with my husband’s parents to Huntsville State Park in Huntsville, Texas.  Few times in my childhood I had been to a state park or camping so I was excited to have this outdoor adventure.  My husband and I had never been camping together; this was long overdue!  I’m not exactly an outdoor kind of girl, but after my adventure in Scotland, I was willing to try anything!  It sure was hot, but we all had a great time.  

she loved looking out the RV window

hiking through the woods

finding treasures to put in her bag

cooking our meal in the fire

of course there were marshmallows

the next day we went canoeing!

although Marlee did not enjoy it and we quickly had to turn back to shore

she loved swimming in the lake though!

feeling the sand

tired after such a long day!

The Nature…

we saw muscadine grapes almost everywhere

we also saw a lot of these beautiful purple berries













Our Kentucky-Ohio Family Trip 2012

We just got back from our first family trip by air travel!  Visiting family is always great, especially with a little one that got to meet new family members, but who knew there was so many fun and interesting things to do in northern Kentucky!

The Newport Aquarium

neat view over the Ohio River into Cincinnati

on a riverboat! going along the lazy Ohio River

beautiful murals inside the Cincinnati Museum which used to be a train station

all this fun wore her out!

of course there was the hotel swimming pool

At the Creation Museum. Such a neat experience! A Bible-based, Christian museum that explains how the world came to be and how things came to be as they are now through a Biblical worldview.

a feel for inside Noah’s ark

And there was visiting with family (and family dogs)

All in all, a great time!

Home Is Where We Are

I feel God moving and working.  Right now it is just behind the scenes.  But in the next few months it will be center stage what He is up to.  Or maybe not.  In the next five months my husband and I have 3 trips planned.  Two with family, one with just us, the latter one abroad.  That one being the one at the forefront of my mind.  This Summer we will have our very own overseas adventure.  Not a cookie-cutter touristy kind of trip, but a living, breathing, working abroad kind of trip.  It still amazes me that I am even saying this, that I am even going to do it.  That God would even decide to answer my prayer for an adventure.  You see, I don’t just want any old comfortable life.  I want a God-breathed, God-designed, God-planned life.  I want Him to take me places I’ve never even imagined.  I want to see His Spirit alive and well in me, and in the places I go.  I know God is up to something.  I knew it when I turned 27 in December.  I felt it would be an amazing year, well, I had faith that it would be, and I still do.  I have a sense that this is only just the beginning.

I have faith.  

So, right now home is here, where it has always been.  Warm, comfortable, very familiar.  Soon our (temporary) home will be far away, probably cooler, and not at all familiar.  I tremble at the thought that God decided I was ready for this.  So many of our friends have confessed they were jealous of our travelling plans and are excited for us.  It might not even mean much to them.  “Oh, I’d love to travel the world someday,” they’d say.  But you see, I am not a traveler.  I’d be perfectly content staying right here the rest of my life.  But then again, would I be?  I long to be involved in God’s agenda, in His business.  But His business is always bigger than anything we could accomplish ourselves.  So it always seems intimating at first.  That is it’s beauty.  To have the Creator of the universe humble Himself and take you by the hand to raise you up to be with Him and to work with Him.  

I’ve decided that home will be wherever we are.  I choose to go with my husband abroad, to be his helper and to be his wife wherever he goes.  I’m taking the hand of my Father and eagerly expecting to see what amazing plans He has laid out for my life.  


our first family trip

Labor Day weekend for us started out the Thursday before, packing up our belongings and most everything in Marlee’s room and heading out on the road towards Mississippi to visit my husband’s grandparents.  Marlee had just turned 6 months old and we hoped she would do well in the car for about the 7-8 hours it took to get there.  Traveling for the first time with a little one, we of course, had unscheduled stops, crying fits in the back seat, diapers that leaked (ugh!) and clothes that needed to be changed.  Nine and a half hours later we did finally and happily make it in to the small town of Crystal Springs near Jackson.  Marlee is their first great-grandchild and we all had a wonderful time visiting, and despite Tropical Storm Lee’s threats over the South, we all made it back to Texas just fine.  Here are some of the highlights of our first family vacation.

It's so lush and green in the Mississippi country. Simply beautiful.

Visiting my husband's great aunt and uncle in Hazelhurst.

Aunt Helen's butterfly garden. There were butterfly's everywhere! I have never seen anything like it!

Me and my little bugaboo. A favorite picture of mine.

Couldn't leave without snapping a picture of our family road (McCardle)

Back at his grandparent's house where we met a very friendly porch cat.

Yummy homemade cookies- lemon cake batter, rolled oats, raisins and chocolate chips.

Such beautiful countryside to see on the way home.


Where have you traveled to this Summer?



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